Cash Envelope Coupon Wallet Dave Ramsey System ZIPPER Envelopes - Gray and Natural Chevron Zig Zag


Using paper envelopes for organizing your finances? No more. This is a wallet that will last forever for your Dave Ramsey system.

Go in style and secure your funds with this wallet

This listing you can pick how many envelopes you need.
Each wallet comes with the number zip envelope you choose
Space for your checkbook and cash
Space for up to 12 credit or debit cards, and behind it a space for iphone and other things.
Best yet. My design comes with a full flap closure! All Envelops and card holders fully secured!

Each envelope is made with 100% cotton and interfaced and lined for durability.

Envelope fabric will be made in even colors. My envelops are made by two's.
i.e. If you were to purchase 4 envelops they would be two printed fabrics together and two plain fabrics together.

Envelopes are sewn in the wallet so you won't lose them.

Each envelope will have a see through vinyl spot so you can put your category on. Need to change it? No problem just take it off and replace it.

Will come with a list of 20 different pre printed labels. Need something different just let me know in the buyers note section.

2. Groceries
3. Restaurants
4. Gas
5. Transportation
6. Clothing
7. Laundry/Cleaning
8. Baby-sitter
9. Hair Care
10. Rent
11. Car payment
12. Blow Money
13. Mortgage
14. Entertainment
15. Utilities
16. Medical
17. Education
18. Car payment
19. Insurance
20. Vacation

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