Hang'em up Coupon Organizers Legacy Continues On

My favorite past time was creating,crafting and designing with my mom. Going to craft bazaars,flea markets and selling our handmade items in our home town.

My mom cut coupons to save money when we were kids. (When couponing wasn't cool!) She needed an organizer that would last and hold a lot. Nothing like the ones you see in the dollars stores. Something that would last forever.

Check out my blog to read the story how the organizer came to be.

Through the years she had taught me everything.. She taught me how to save using coupons and looking for sales. Me being a single mom it was a life saver. I today still use coupons and save each week.

My coupons were featured:
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and many more blogs.

My Coupon organizers are the original design of my mothers and I. In making them I continue the legacy and hold a very fond memory of her.

I have named my store after my first granddaughter Lillian. Hoping to teach her everything my mom had me to continue on the legacy.....